Two Ways of Reducing Your Janitorial Expense

Managing a building’s janitorial needs often means juggling other responsibilities and making tough budget decisions. It’s likely you’re under constant pressure to trim costs, a familiar scenario in today’s competitive market that demands careful financial management.

However, when it comes to janitorial tasks, cutting corners could lead to a drop in cleanliness standards. For facility managers, the goal is to find a sweet spot where you can minimize expenses without sacrificing the quality of service. There’s an old saying in construction: “Cheap, fast, or good—pick two.” While this applies to cleaning services to a certain extent, there are ways to manage your budget more effectively without compromising the level of cleanliness.

Here are two strategies to consider:

1. Reassess Your Cleaning Needs

Since labor is about 60% of janitorial costs, reducing work hours is a direct way to cut expenses. Review your cleaning schedule. Are there areas in your building that see less traffic and could be cleaned less often? For example, certain offices may not need daily cleaning if they’re rarely used.

Conduct a thorough assessment of your space and understand the specific cleaning requirements of each area. Determine which tasks are essential for daily attention. Discuss with your cleaning contractor the possibility of adjusting the cleaning frequency to tailor it to your facility’s actual usage, ensuring efficiency without compromising cleanliness.

2. Revise Project Work Billing

Many organizations overspend on cleaning services due to scheduled project work that may not be necessary as often as billed. These tasks, like floor buffing or window washing, are essential but may not need to be done as frequently as your contract states. If this work is included in your monthly payment but isn’t performed regularly, it’s like tossing money out the window.

A more cost-effective approach is to set a per-service rate for these special projects and schedule them only when required. This can lead to considerable savings over the year, impacting your budget positively.

By focusing on these two approaches, you can successfully navigate the challenges of maintaining a high-quality janitorial program while keeping an eye on the bottom line. It’s a balancing act, but with the right strategies in place, you can achieve both cleanliness and cost-effectiveness for your facility.

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