Jordan Tong


Evaluating Your Janitorial Service: Ensuring Standards Are Met

Identifying when a cleaning service falls short of expectations can sometimes be clear cut, but often, it’s a matter of perspective. This guide aims to clarify how to set realistic expectations with your cleaning company and what steps to take if their performance is lacking. Establishing Clear Expectations: The Meaning of Cleanliness Pose the question, […]


Decoding Janitorial Bids: Understanding the Price Differences

It’s a familiar scenario in the janitorial services industry: you request cleaning quotes and receive a range of prices that can be startlingly different. If you’ve ever found yourself puzzled by these varying quotes, it’s important to understand the components that go into calculating these costs. Here’s a breakdown of the six key elements every […]


Two Ways of Reducing Your Janitorial Expense

Managing a building’s janitorial needs often means juggling other responsibilities and making tough budget decisions. It’s likely you’re under constant pressure to trim costs, a familiar scenario in today’s competitive market that demands careful financial management. However, when it comes to janitorial tasks, cutting corners could lead to a drop in cleanliness standards. For facility […]


Navigating Custodial Transitions: The Realities and Solutions for Seamless Service

When a potential client contacts us, they’re often dissatisfied with their current cleaning provider. After explaining why we’d be an ideal custodial partner, they typically ask two crucial questions: While the first question is addressed separately, this article focuses on the second, shedding light on the often-underestimated complexities of transitioning custodial services. “Help! My Current […]